Craftsmen of every kind

Two travellers travelled up to Pompey to see the wonders of that great city. Here they beheld many great sights and marvelled at the skilled workmen of that place.

For here were shipwrights who built mighty vessels of wood and iron; stonemasons and bricklayers who built great fortifications and shopping centres; workers in wood, iron and brass; silversmiths, sailmakers, gilders, painters and craftsmen of every kind.

Here also were men and women cunning in navigation and the arts of war, who went forth upon the deep and protected great merchant ships that plied their trade upon the great waters.

Now it came to pass that, having beheld all these wonders, the travellers set out to return to their own city, but as they set out, they fell among city planners who, for reasons best known to themselves, had decreed that the last bus to the Park and Ride should leave no later than 7:15 pm and that the car park was, by now (8:00 pm) shut.

Friendless in a strange city, the travellers sought guidance from the dwellers thereof.

First there came a man who worked at the bus station. “It’s my first week”, quoth he and cleared off.

Next there came a bus driver. “It’s a different company”, quoth he and cleared off.

Only taxi drivers remained .The first driver was an honest man, who admitted to not being sure whether you could get out of the Park and Ride even if you went there.  The second driver knew what to do, took the travellers to the car park – a remote and isolated spot, with no shelter against the elements and frequented by wolves and lions – switched off his meter and waited until the travellers had managed to speak to somebody at the council and extracted a promise of imminent rescue.

*Might have exaggerated a bit about wolves and lions